Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning Machine

So, those of you who have been to my house now that MOST (not all) of the time I keep a fairly clean and organized house. It doesn't sparkle very often though. I really only do really deep down cleaning every few weeks. I unfortunately don't have the cleaning bug that many women and homemakers seem to have. As long as everything is put away and there isn't a lot of grime I'm happy.

But of course with my husband coming home I am on a mission to make this place sparkle and shine. I want everything to look perfect for when he is home. I did the same thing when he came home during his holiday break from basic training. I got all the dust out of every nook and cranny and did the tedious cleaning chores that normally get overlooked during normal housework.

Last December when he came home, I made the mistake of thinking my house was in fairly good order and waited until the day before he came home to start working on the cleaning. Big mistake. Once I started doing all those little "extra" cleaning chores it was nearly midnight, my house was torn apart from moving things to clean and I was far from being done. So, this time I vowed to give myself a week to get everything done. That way I could take my time, get everything done, and actually sleep the night before he came home. I must admit, although I don't enjoy housework normally, I am really enjoying it right now. I really taking pride in what I'm doing for our family and most importantly my husband. I really wound up with only 6 days since the Youth Group Waterpark trip was yesterday, but I've been a busy bee most of the day. I'm making progress and feeling good. I had made a list of the things I wanted to get done and I'm slowly checking them off. I'm thrilled to have a task to put all this nervous excitement I have about my husband coming home into. All this excitement is sure getting the job done.

So far today: I've cleaned my itty bitty little hallway. Which isn't much I know. But, I dusted and wiped down walls. Cleaned all the windows and blinds in every room. I've scrubbed Joseph's room inside and out and also rearranged his room. The new setup gives him a little more play room I think. While cleaning Joseph's room I went through and packed up some toys, clothes, books and stuffed animals. (I have to get ready for all of the new fun things he's sure to get at his party). I also cleaned out my freezer and scrubbed it until it shined. I did the same thing with the fridge (honestly, if I would of realized how yucky it was in there I would have done it sooner). I also scrubbed my drip pans for my stove. Although those don't really sparkle, they do look much better than they did before. I'm on a roll though.

So, anyways, I should get back to my work while my son is still napping. I just wanted to blog a little because I was feeling so proud and accomplished. We have less than 5 days and 23 hours. (And for those counting that is less than 145 hours.) YAY!!


  1. You rock! And I'm the same as you--as long as it's picked up I'm fine. You are an awesome homemaker.