Monday, August 9, 2010


To say that I am happy, would be the understatement of the year. It's been amazing having my husband home the past three days. It's so wonderful to have my other half back. I can honestly say, now that it's over, the OCS absence was far harder than the basic training absence. There were some changes in the variables and I'm sure that contributed. But it's over, and I'm proud of all my husband has accomplished. From here on out any further training absences should be easier because we will be able to have much more contact with him.

So any of you who have heard the story know that when we picked Daddy up for his leave during basic, Joseph was not too happy to see him. He wouldn't go to him. He didn't want Daddy to touch or hold him. He definitely didn't want Daddy to touch me either. So, I was a little nervous that he would respond the same way when we picked JJ up on Friday. JJ's flight was slightly delayed. Joseph was getting a little restless. But, at last we could see Daddy coming from the terminal. I bent down and whispered, "Look Joseph, it's Daddy. You can go get him now." He took off like a little bullet and leaped into Daddy's arms. He was so excited to see him. He kept hugging him saying, "Dadas." Then in the car Joseph was a talking machine. He just couldn't stop telling Daddy about all sorts of things. It was really special. I'm really glad that this homecoming went so much smoother than the last.

It's great having my helpmate back. Joseph and I are getting re-adjusted to having Daddy home. We are all so very happy to have this time together. We know it won't be very long before Daddy has to leave again, but we are blessed to have this time with him. I am so proud of my husband, my brave soldier, for doing so much for us. He's amazing, and I am blessed to be his wife.

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