Thursday, September 2, 2010

Odds and Ends

About 10 days or so ago Joseph went potty on the big toilet for the first time! It was a very exciting time for me. The poor kid probably thought I'd lost it, dancing around and whooping for joy. I'm so proud of this accomplishment. Although we haven't had any more successful moments on the potty yet, I know this is a step in the right direction. I'd love to have him potty trained before another child arrives, but if it doesn't work out that way it's not that big of deal. It would be nice to only have one child in diapers at a time though.

So, as you all know I've been suffering from baby fever for a bit now. The question has been asked of me a few times recently, "When will you be adding to your family?" So, let me put it out there that it is being worked on, and hopefully we will have a new bundle sometime next year. For those waiting patiently for a new Aberlich, keep in mind that it took nearly a year to get pregnant with Joseph. I've mentally prepared myself for it taking that long again. Granted we did get pregnant very easily, and accidentally last summer with the pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, but that may have been a fluke. Rest assured, I am looking forward to having another child, and as soon as we know, you all we know too!

I'm also really happy to say that our marriage is doing really well. For those of you who are married, you know about those ups and downs. I think we're getting to a point where we understand each other a little bit better, and we have much deeper intimacy because of it. So, for those who say the first year of marriage is the hardest, I'd like to say, I think it's more like the first 5 years or so.

Nothing has been set in stone yet about JJ's next training. The earliest he'll be going is in December, but that's only if all of the paperwork gets done before the session is completely booked up. We still have a lot of uncertainty about how we will approach this next training. As we figure things out, we'll keep everyone posted.

My baby sister, who Joseph calls Mimmy, is away at MSU. She started her first classes yesterday. I think she misses home but seems to be enjoying college life so far. JJ, Joseph and I are really, really proud of her. We can't wait to see all that she accomplishes.

This past Monday we took the youth group to Detroit to volunteer at the Capuchin warehouse. I think the teens were able to get a lot from the experience. After we had worked in the warehouse we traveled to the Heidelberg Project (which the girls really liked) and then dined at the Connor Capuchin soup kitchen. The day was filled with humbling experiences.

I also got a chance to go to the Heroes on the Homefront meeting. It was really nice to talk to these ladies. This is going to be awesome getting to know them all more and more and I look forward to them sharing their insight and wisdom on being a military wife.

So, that's about it. Looking forward to a couple of BBQs this weekend, and some much needed friend and family time. I'm also really excited about Jeremiah's formal pinning and commissioning ceremony in about 10 days. He is already a 2ndLT but this is the big hoopla to accompany the big promotion. So proud of him, and so excited to go. Joseph and I will be pinning (attaching his new rank to his uniform) and he will be getting his first salute from his father (who had served in the Army previously).

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