Monday, September 13, 2010

Silly Indecision

So, as most of you know I created as a place for me to blog about my journey of getting pregnant. I originally was allowing everyone to access and then scaled it back to only include people I selected. I have returned it to it's original settings where everyone can access it. I wanted it to be a place not only where I could write and vent about what was happening, but also as a place that other women who are ttc can come to and know that they aren't alone on their ttc journeys. I've placed my blog address on some of the ttc sites I frequent and those women can't access it unless I change the settings. So, I'm opening it back up.

Again, this will still be a normal blog, and the other will be all about ttc. Trying to Catch the Egg will contain tmi for most of you, so if you're squeamish stay put here and I'll continue to blog about normal topics. Thanks for everyone's support and interest in our newest endeavor.

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