Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

Happiness from the week thus far (in no particular order):

  • Joseph asking to be "wocked" (rocked) the night before last when he wasn't feeling well. It's been a long time since that little boy let me rock him.
  • My husband making me one of my favorite dinners: shrimp with feta and penne.
  • Joseph asking me for a hug. This was the first time he's ever done this. Granted he was feeling under the weather, but I'll take the affection any way I can get it.
  • "Pwaying" (playing) with Joseph. Even though when he asks me to play it usually means he will give me a toy only to snatch it back 3 or 4 seconds later with a loud, enthusiastic, and proprietary, "MINE!!!"
  • Finding out that my blog has nearly 500 hits since I started last spring. In fact his blog entry should put it over.
  • Joseph going potty twice on the big toilet.
  • The dozens of things my husband does to make my life easier. A few of which are: washing the dishes, putting Joseph to bed, cleaning up cat throw up, cleaning up an exploded diaper, working to support our family, and letting me nap undisturbed (for the most part).
This doesn't capture all the blessed moments of my life this week, but it's a few of my favorites.

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