Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Halloween Ever!

Our little "Calvin" did so well last night. This is technically his third Halloween but this is really the first one he could do "trick or treating."

I've been trying to build up this day for him. Talking to him about what exactly will be happening. I'd been practicing the phrase, "trick or treat" with him for weeks. All the little guy could say was "treats" but that's okay. I'm pretty sure he got his point across.

I thought for sure he would want to be carried some of the way since there was so much walking involved, but he proved me wrong. He didn't want to be carried until we finished the last house and were walking back to the car.

He got a pretty good haul considering how few lights were actually on. I'm a little sad because I worry that trick or treating may be obsolete by the time he has children. It looks like so few people actually participate in it anymore.

This was probably my favorite and best Halloween ever. Despite invitations to go trick or treating with other people we decided to keep it a family affair. It was a multi faceted reason. First and foremost, Daddy missed Halloween last year, and with his career in the military there's no guarantee he'll be home next Halloween. So, it was very important for me to be sure that both Joseph and Daddy had a real, big, deep memory of yesterday's events. In the two previous Halloween's we've bounced around trying to make it to every Halloween day event or trick or treating we were invited to. I think that really takes the focus off my child's special experience. I would really like to see Miles and Joseph trick or treat sometimes though, so maybe we'll join them every other year or so.

We've also made it a priority for both sets of grandparents and family to see Joseph dressed up on Halloween. I think this will be the last year for that as well. Maybe we will get him ready a little earlier and give the grandparents an opportunity to come to our home for pictures before we start out trick or treating. But, I don't think we will drive to and from each house next Halloween. It cuts down on Joseph's trick or treating time, and takes away some of the magic of the night.

I'm sure at least one person won't like our new Halloween rules, but I need to put my foot down. Every other holiday is consumed with splitting time, and driving to different places. I really want a holiday to make our own family traditions. I have to put my family first and not worry about what other people want.

I hope everyone had as great a Halloween as we did!

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