Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merriest Christmas (thus far)

Let me start by saying that it is awesome to have my soldier home. Even if it is for only a couple of weeks, the time has been awesome. He will be leaving this weekend. Prayers for him and our family would be greatly appreciated. He will not be returning until mid April. This will be a trying time for everyone involved.

But anyways, back to the original reason for this post.. Christmas. I hope and pray everyone had as wonderful Christmas as we did. We are blessed in so many, many ways. And we have far more than we could ever deserve.

What an amazing Christmas season this has been! It was wonderful to have Joseph visit Santa and try to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. Yes, we are a Santa believing family. I know this is controversial for many other Christian families, but we believe regardless. I don't think Joseph will suffer any permanent damage because of this.

If you asked Joseph on Christmas Eve who was coming he would proudly exclaim, "SANTA!" We made a big deal about hanging up his empty stocking, leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. If you asked Joseph, Santa would be arriving to our house on a train.

Then came Christmas morning. It was amazing to see this little boy's light up in joy and amazement at all of the colorfully wrapped gifts under the tree. He was most excited about his Lightning McQueen toddler bike. The first thing he did was rip off the bow and climb on. He's still a tab small but he should fit perfect by this summer.

Joseph hit the proverbial toy jackpot. On top of his bike he also received (just to name a few): kitchen set with play dishes, food and shopping cart, lots of cars, monster trucks, a golf set, a parking lot for his cars with a 3 level parking garage, police station with lots of police vehicles, Toy Story 1 & 2 for blue ray, and Toy Story 3 dvd, special carrying case for his cars, puzzles, books, finger paints, bathtub colors and bubbles, and several other dvds. I know I've forgotten some of the toys, so if I didn't name the toy you got for him don't think it's unappreciated. He also received new socks, jammies, outer wear, and a really awesome handmade, crocheted scarf, mitten, and hat set that just makes him look so awesome.

Joseph is thoroughly enjoying all of his new toys. It's especially cute when he cooks something on his stove for us and then brings it to us to "eat". Of course I packed up much of his older toys that he had grown (to be put away for the next child) but I still might need to pack up some more stuff. His room is exploding. It's so awesome to see him playing with all these new toys though. And he did fantastic opening all of his gifts too. In the beginning not only did he want to open his gifts but everyone else's too. Towards the end of the Christmas get togethers it took a little coaxing to get him to open things.

I definitely enjoy this different side of Christmas. I really love seeing the excitement and joy on his face. It's amazing being his Mom.

But before I close, I should say "Santa" was good to me too. I got lots of awesome gifts and many frivolous things that I wouldn't have purchased for myself. I hope everyone had a great Christmas as well.

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  1. Your description of Christmas morning brought it all to life! Seeing things through the eyes of a little child is such a precious gift. Being able to express that is also a precious gift. I've said it before, I'll say it again--you should write a book.

    So glad you had an awesome Christmas!