Monday, March 7, 2011

The High Cost of Living Healthy

This is just a mini rant.

Since I've started losing weight I've been buying healthier foods. Things with lower fat, lower sodium, lots of fresh produce and seafood. I am spending on average about $20 more each week to buy our groceries right now. Of course we don't eat out very often anymore and I'm sure that makes up some of the difference.

I think about all the families that can barely afford the cheapest foods available, let alone something fresh or healthy. It's sad. It's terrible that we live in this world where it's so much cheaper for us to be unhealthy. I think it should be the other way around. Sadly it's not though.

Also, let me mention how frustrating and long the shopping process takes now that I understand the food labels on the products. Like today, I wanted some frickin' spaghettios! I haven't purchased any during this weight loss bout, and I had no idea just how terrible they were. Calorie and fat wise they're okay. The sodium is through the roof though. And do you know that they do not make any sort of low sodium spaghettio or spaghettio like product?

I was able to find some canned soup that only had 50mg of sodium a serving (most soups are over 400mg) but the cost was twice as much as regular soup.

I am learning though and with some practice I should be able to figure the best products and get in and out of the grocery store faster, not cheaper, but definitely faster.

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  1. I realized this same thing once I started watching what I ate. Americans are so unhealthy and the fact that it really does cost significantly more to eat healthy than to not plays a huge role in it. I agree with everything you said!