Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing too Exciting

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. It feels like it was just yesterday. So, I figured it's time to stop neglecting my blog and add a new entry.

There's nothing out of the ordinary happening right now. Life goes on. Chores get done, meals get cooked, messes get cleaned, bills get paid. Jeremiah is still trying to find fulltime (decent paying) work with benefits. We are still waiting to see where or what our next step in life will be. We're content but anxious.

We've been really working harder and harder with Joseph and his potty training. He's a smart boy and he's realized there is really no benefit for him to not use the diaper. It's time consuming and boring to go potty in the toilet. We're working on changing that for him. I think we're making progress. I'd be lying though if I said it were easy. I wish there was some magic equation to get this part of toddler life complete.

Joseph is starting a class over the summer for 2-4 year olds called Animal Crackers. It's a toddler roller skating class. It begins in a couple weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I think he'll really enjoy it. We will resume gymnastics with him in the fall but for now it'll be nice to have a change of pace.

Joseph and I have been to the zoo and Greenfield Village several times each so far this spring. I am also enjoying taking Joseph to our pool. I swear this child is part fish. I've never seen a kid take to water like he does. It's impressive to say the least.

We got a new car to replace the land yacht. I'm really relieved about this. We now have two reliable vehicles. I do not want to spend this winter getting stranded by a vehicle. I definitely had enough of that last year.

Hmm.. What else is going on? ..I wish I had some spectacular topic to blog about. But nothing too exciting has happened recently.

I've been a big slacker with my dieting and weight loss the last 2 weeks. I've not put any weight back on, but I've not taken any off either. I'm trying really hard this week to get back on track. I am so ready to be done with this weight loss journey.

We're still working on the new baby thing. No news so far. I think all 3 of us are excited to expand our family. I know it'll happen, I just wish I knew when. But such is life.

Hope everyone is having as laid back a spring as we are. I'm not really looking forward to the summer because I really hate the heat, but I know Joseph is really enjoying the warm weather.

I'll try and be a more committed blogger.. :)

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  1. The toddler roller skating class sounds like fun. And I think it's good to mix it up. Focus on the fun. I feel bad for kids today who are pressured into learning and doing at an early age. FUN people, FUN. And I know that Joseph is all about the fun so y'all are on the right track.