Monday, June 13, 2011

"These are My Daddies"

"These are my Daddies!" That's what Joseph exclaimed as he hauled his huge bucket of Toy Story Army men into the living room. This all took me back to when this whole all 'soldiers are Daddies' theory came about.

Back when Jeremiah was gone for basic training Joseph was given or found 2-3 little green Army men. He would constantly question what they were or who they were. I simply would tell him they were soldiers or Army men like Daddy. So his brain computed that to mean all soldiers are Daddies. Whenever he sees plastic Army men or real soldiers he will always exclaim, "There are Daddies!"

I remember when we were in Georgia for Jeremiah's graduation from Signal BOLC, we were on post and driving towards the building that held his formal graduation ceremony. Of course because we were on post we would pass handfuls of men and women in ACUs and every group of them we passed Joseph would count the people in uniforms. "One, two, three Daddies!" or "One, two, three, lots of Daddies!" To him there is no difference between a Daddy and soldier.

As I stood in the kitchen this morning making him scrambled eggs and hearing him exclaim about 'his Daddies' I felt a sense of overwhelming pride. Joseph is proud of what his father does, and although he's too little to really explain that in those words he's found his own way. Joseph gets excited when we go to Selfridge and see men and women in ACUs as well. He sees those people in uniforms as strong, caring, and trustworthy people.

I am so proud that Joseph is excited about, and likes pretending about his Daddy's occupation. How many people can say at the age of two that they were proud of their parent's occupation or the things their parent is doing for their country?

With Father's Day just around the corner this has even more meaning. Joseph loves his Daddy to pieces. Daddy holds the power to all the world (at least in his eyes). The bond between a father and his child is so special. I am so thankful that I am married to a great man who became an amazing father. I am so thankful that Joseph has a great father to look up to and to learn from. I know there is no other man in the world that could be a better father to my son and I'm overwhelmed with pride and joy at that idea.

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