Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 13 of 30

Day 13- Name 5 things from your 'wishlist':

I'm assuming we are talking about material possessions for this blogging challenge. I won't mention the big ticket items that just about everyone wants like a house and brand new car (in my case in would be a Camaro). I won't talk about the non-material things like another child, good health, or financial security. I'm strictly going to take a materialistic viewpoint of this challenge. So please don't think me shallow or materialistic because nothing could be further from the truth.

  1. A 20 inch yellow gold box chain to hold my heart pendant. I had one of these that Jeremiah gave me for the last dating anniversary before we were married. Unfortunately mine broke right after Joseph was born. Money has been tight since our move back to Michigan and I've not felt justified in such an unneccessary, purely extravagant purchase.

  2. A stationary bike or ellipitical machine. We're pretending now that I don't live in an apartment and actually had a place where it could be stored when not in use. I really think I could get some good exercise in if I could just hop on one of those and watch TV while working out.

  3. 'Are You Being Served?" Complete series on DVD. Now, when I first starting wanting this it was over $200. That was several years ago and it's come down in price, but it's still pretty expensive.

  4. A Mother's ring. Now I definitely don't want this until I'm sure I'm done having babies. My Mother has a Mother's ring that was purchased before she was done having children and she had it altered to fit another stone to represent my sister's birth and it's not as pretty of a ring now.

  5. A tattoo. I never really thought I'd be a person that wanted a tattoo. I've thought about what I would have if I had one, but it was never something that I really absolutely had to have. After becoming a Mother that changed. I was looking through Celtic symbols and I found the Motherhood knot and I really feel like it would be the perfect symbol for my life as a Mother. I know this one isn't materialistic in the same sense that the other ones are, but humor me. Anyways, I think this one will happen before the other ones. I'm pretty sure I am going to get this tattoo once I reach my weight loss goal (just another 62 pounds to go).

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