Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 18 of 30

Day 18- If you were in a fire and could only save one material possession what would it be?:

This one is a toughie too! There's so many things I'd want to save. First and foremost we are imagining that all my loved ones have made it out safe (including our cats), because they are all the most important. Without my loved ones my material possessions are meaningless.

So, hmmm.. What would I grab? I thought maybe my stuffed dog Anthony would be first on the list. My husband gave him to me about 9 years ago and I still sleep with him every night. Or I thought about my wedding photo album being up there on the priority list, but then I remembered how terrible our photographer was and how there really wasn't any 'good' pictures to save from there (BTW, if you ever have to hire a wedding photographer - go big, go expensive! We learned the hard way how hiring someone of median cost can really screw things up for you). I thought maybe I'd grab the DVD of our wedding, but luckily we have extra copies of that at my folk's house so that wouldn't be a necessity either.

I'm really torn between two items. First is Joseph's baby books. Yes, I said books. One is his actual milestone book and the other is a pregnancy book. The pregnancy book has most of his sonogram photos and all the photos throughout my pregnancy. The other item would be the video of his birth. Yes, there is actual footage of him being born. My sister was in charge of the camcorder and even though I told her I didn't want any explicit shots, I'm glad that I have it. Not only can I see (in full glory) the emergence of my little guy into this world, but we have also on film his resuscitation. As many of you know Joseph was pretty sick when he was born and he had to be 'worked' on for quite a bit of time. And even though it wasn't supposed to be filmed, Aunt Kimmy tried her hardest to get as much as possible on film.

So, I guess I would really choose his birth video. The baby book can be re-done (for the most part). There is no way to recreate his birth though. It's a heart-wrenching thing to watch if you don't know how it ends. And the fact is, I do know how it ends. I know that my little boy is a fighter, and I know that although I hated all the medical interventions I had leading up to his delivery I am forever grateful for the medical interventions that saved his life that hot, Thursday afternoon. The video signifies hope, persistence, and endurance. It's probably my greatest treasure.

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