Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2 of 30

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name:

When I was very young I watched the Care Bears on tv. I had Care Bears stuffed animals, books, and movies. So, they are definitely something from my very early childhood.

Grumpy Bear in particular came about when I was in Hot Topic one day. I saw a journal with him (Grumpy Bear) on it and felt that I absolutely had to have it. My husband later gave it to me as a Christmas gift. When I began using the journal a few weeks after Christmas I had just found out I was pregnant with Joseph. So it naturally became a place to journal about my pregnancy. My plan had been to fill it before he was born but I was also making 2 other baby books for him at the time and it just didn't happen.

So, when I decided I wanted to have a blog I knew it would probably involve a lot of ranting, complaining and general grumpiness. I thought about the cover of my journal and I figured with a name like Grumpy Bear Lair people would automatically expect a little grumpiness and accept it.

I feel like I relate to Grumpy Bear sometimes so it all just kind of works out.

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