Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 22 of 30

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else:

Wow, this one is kind of tough. I mean, if I write this wrong some of you are going to think I have that "Holier than though" attitude, and that's not true. And I know I'm not better than anyone else. So, I'm going to write this answering the question, "What makes you, you?"

Where to start, where to start? Well, first of all I am a Christian. I was raised by an Atheist and an Agnostic so for me to be a Christian now is probably some sort of oddity. At least I'm sure my parents view it as such. But anyways, I'm a Christian and we attend an Anglican church. For those of you wondering what Anglican is, I guess the best way to describe it is 'Diet Catholic.' I'm not a theologian and I think that's probably the best way to describe it.

I was saved while attending the Nazarene church and this is quite different from that church. I really enjoy it though. I feel like I am participating much more in the church service than I ever was as a Nazarene. It's kind of like why I like to drive a stick, I feel you get to have a more fulfilling and more participation in your driving expedition when the car is waiting for you to shift. So I guess I feel like the Anglican church is more like the manual transmissions of church. There's so much more participation expected from me than there was in our previous churches.

I also really like that it's a family church. Our child is expected in service, the whole time. We don't put him in another room for someone else to care for him. He's part of the service. He's in there to learn what our beliefs are and participate with us. My son was able to start partaking of communion at our Anglican church before I was (because he was baptized before me). Joseph is in there to learn the traditions and protocol and I love that he is not excluded in any way from church.

So, I'm a believer, but what else can I tell you?

I'm a wife. I've been a wife for over 7 years now. I met my husband and began dating him when I was 16 years old. And although I thought I loved him then, I had no real understanding about what love was. I was an immature 16 year old. But, we've been together since then. Eleven years and counting.

It's not easy being a wife some days. Especially since I am an Army wife. This requires me to run a household with my partner's absence and not skip a beat. So, if you think being a wife is hard - try being married to someone in the service.

But although it isn't easy, and there are days that I want to run for the hills I know that my job is important. I know that my husband counts on me, and I know that I am an integral part of keeping our family running smoothly.

So, I'm a believer and an Army wife.. What else?

I'm a Mom. I am a Mom to the most beautiful little boy God ever put on this earth. This is probably the most important job I've ever been given. Being a wife is important, but my husband is already full of ideals, morals, and beliefs. It's my job as a Mommy to help form all of those in my precious little mound of clay named Joseph. That is a daunting task. It's hard not to be worried that you're doing your job right. My goal is to raise him to be a strong believer, a sensitive and brave man, and a loving, generous human. There's no instruction manual. And since he is our first I often wonder if God makes firstborns more resilient while parents are learning their niches and how to do this job properly. I wouldn't go as far as to say that Joseph's my practice model, but he definitely will have been part of more trials and errors (from a parenting perspective) than the next one(s) will be.

I am a believer, an Army wife, and a Mommy.

I'm a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a niece, and a friend. This requires me to be loving, understanding and kind. This requires me to be honest (even when the truth sucks) and trustworthy. Those jobs require me to be sensitive, kind, and loving. Being a big sister in particular requires a lot of love and patience because sometimes I'm asked to wear more of a Mom hat than a sister hat.

There's some days that I feel pulled in a million different directions, and that everyone wants a piece of me.. And that's probably actually true on most days. But I know that I am a generous, loving, kind, compassionate, empathetic, truthful, understanding woman and I know that can be an anomaly for this world we live in today.

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