Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 26 of 30

Day 26- Top 10 favorite movies of all time:

I am going to list these in no particular order as well. Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm today, but I've been dealing with an on and off again headache for days. Here we go:

  • Goodfellas

  • Away We Go

  • Pretty Woman

  • Dirty Dancing

  • Ghost

  • She's Having a Baby

  • Father of the Bride (Both Parts - It's my blog and I can list them as one entry if I want!)

  • High Fidelity

  • Little Miss Sunshine

  • Mothman Prophecies

I'm not 100% on my last couple choices based on my headache, but they are what come to mind right now. Only 4 more days left of the blog challenge! Hope you've enjoyed it thus far.

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