Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 8 of 30

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why:

  • First of all I'd like to continue with my healthy lifestyle changes and continue to lose some weight. I'd like to reach 50 lbs down. I'm only a couple pounds away from that so I think it's a real possibility.

  • We are planning on homeschooling for the first few years and I'd like to get everything in place to start really homeschooling in August. I'm not completely certain that this will be the best choice for Joseph so I'm a little apprehensive to spend a small fortune on curriculum. I'm doing my best to reach out for resources and scour the internet for different ideas that are free or very low cost. So by the end of this month I'd like to have at least a few days of plans in place.

  • Anyone who follows my other blog or is at all close to me knows we've been trying to add to our family since August of 2010. So I'd say that getting pregnant would be not only a short term goal for this month but an overall long term goal. We'd love to grow our family. This will continue to be a monthly goal until we're finally expecting!

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  1. let me know what type of things you are looking to teach him. I have some lesson plans for his age hiding in my stuff!