Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1 of 30

Let me start by saying I am in no way a health professional, fitness expert, or dietitian. What I want to do is share things I've learned, tried, and do that are helping me on the road to a healthier body. Take what you will and leave what you want, but I've been asked by a lot of people what I've done to get the lose weight and keep it off. So I hope the next 30 days will give you some motivation and inspiration to begin on the road to a healthier you.

Today's tip:
Take a vitamin, every day! This is so important especially during weight loss. You want to be sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Your body cannot burn fat and calories efficiently if it's lacking in multiple nutrients. I personally take a prenatal vitamin every morning since we are trying to conceive. But a normal multivitamin should be perfect for the rest of you.

Today's Foodie tip:
Although I like to stay away from a lot of processed foods there are a few that still are a part of my diet. The truth is there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything I need to do and create every single piece of food I eat from scratch. So today I'd like to share one of my favorite lunch foods. I really like Healthy Choice split pea with ham soup. I like to split the can into two bowls (a serving is a 1/2 can at 160 calories) and then take a can of veggies (no salt added are the best because you don't need the extra sodium) and split that between the two bowls of soup. You can of course use fresh cooked veggies or frozen veggies too. You basically want to add 1 cup of veggies. I did this today and added 1 cup of green beans for 40 calories. Then you warm up the soup as you normally would and take the extra bowl of soup and veggies and refrigerate. Now you have a lunch for tomorrow as well. If you did it the way I did you have a meal for 200 calories. There are not many lunches out there that you can have for only 200 calories and still be filled up.

Today's Exercise Tip:
You've got to start somewhere. Don't put it off any longer. Even if all you do is take a brisk 5 minute walk. Do it. Now! Start today. I lived very long with the idea that I would start working out/dieting tomorrow. That tomorrow will never come. Start today, make the choice. Don't be embarrassed if all you can do is 5 minutes of exercise. You will increase your stamina the more often you do it.

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