Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 10 of 30

Today's Tip:
Eat your dairy. Now I know a lot of dieters try to stay away from the milk products because they can be so high in fat and calories. But it's important to consume enough calcium every day. The plus side is there's been studies of people dieting and those who consumed the recommended 3 daily servings every day lost most weight than those who didn't. If you're worried about the fat content just opt for lower fat options. We drink 1% milk in our house and I really don't mind the 2% cheeses out there. I personally am not a fan of the fat free options but if you like them then go for it.

Today's Exercise Tip:
If you have access to a pool then I would suggest trying swimming as one of your workouts. Swimming is a full body workout and to me always seems more like fun than working out. You would want to spend as much of your workout time swimming laps or jogging in the water. They both will get your heart rate up.

Today's Foodie Tip:
Fruit is a great snack. It's portable and doesn't usually have to be kept refrigerated, and there's so many different options. My personal faves are: bananas, grapes, canteloupe, strawberries, apples, and kiwi. Once you've changed your lifestyle around fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

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