Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 12 of 30

Today's Tip:
Plateaus are inevitable if you are losing a large amount of weight. They will happen. Your body likes to keep its stores of body fat and is amazing at adapting. So you if you do the same exact workouts and eat the same exact foods and the same exact calories every day, your body will adjust itself to function under those conditions and not lose weight.

Your body wants to keep those stores in case of a famine. It's a survival tactic. Your body doesn't take into account the fridge and pantry full of food. It just assumes that since you are constantly dipping into your stores there must be a famine.

I hit a plateau at 25 and around 50 pounds lost. I'm just now breaking through my second plateau. They can be discouraging and push you off track of your new healthy lifestyle. My suggestion for them is just to hold your ground and change things up a bit. For me I just ate my allowed calories for maintenance (caloriecount can help you figure out your number) for several days and took a couple days off of working out. That seemed to encourage my body into thinking it is no longer needing to store everything instead of burning it off.

But the point is they will come. Hold your ground. Just switch things up a bit. Zig zagging your calories (eating a different number of calories every day) can help keep your body guessing and keep the plateaus away longer. Just don't give up!

Today's Foodie Tip:
I talked about fast food a few entries back. I want to tell you about a restaurant called Chipotle. They use organic food and locally grown meat, dairy, and produce at all of their restaurants. Because everything is made in their restaurant you know it's fresh and free of preservatives. They do use a ton of sodium, so you shouldn't eat there every day but they are a good, healthy alternative to the normal fast food.

Again with any place you need to check out their nutrition facts and find what fits into your diet. I get the steak fajita bowl with no rice and double veggies at 480 calories and it's extremely filling! But be careful if you don't think out your meal you can spend well over 1000 calories in a blink of an eye.

Today's Exercise Tip:
This tip applies only to the adults reading my blog!

Kiss! Passionate kissing can be a great, fun way to burn calories. Kissing burns over 6 calories every minute. That means if you have a make out session of just 10 minutes a day, every day for one year you will burn over 21,000 calories or 6 pounds a year.

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