Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 5 of 30

Today's Tip:
It is my opinion that calorie counting is the way to go as far as dieting is concerned. Especially if you use a website like, Truly they make calorie counting easy. They have a huge data base of foods and they also grade your day nutrition wise and let you know how you're doing. I think this is why Weight Watchers works for so many people (because that's all they do in weight watchers is count points - which is counting calories in a different way). I would suggest starting with caloriecount if you are interesting in losing weight. Their website is full of so many resources and there is also tons of support groups.

Today's Exercise Tip:
Get that old bike out and take it for a tune up. Why? Because bike riding can be a great form of cardio. It's one of those cardio workouts that you can do and forget that you're even working out!

Today's Foodie Tip:
For a quick protein packed snack take a low sodium Sargento colby jack cheese stick (80 calories) and wrap a slice of Dietz and Watson honey bbq chicken deli meat (35 calories) around it. You're looking at a 115 calories. Dietz and Watson is one of the only brands of deli meat that are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a hearty healthy food.

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