Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6 of 30

Today's Tip:
If you're really serious about losing weight and/or calorie counting, you have to start reading labels. You need to know what is a proper serving of the foods you love to eat. You will be sadly surprised at how small most of those portions are, but you need to know it. Most of us eat something because we think it's healthy or low in calories but little do we know we're eating 2, 3, 4, 5 times what the actualy portion size is. So read your labels and know your serving size. Also if you are calorie counting I would suggest measuring your foods, just don't eyeball it. Even though I've gotten good at the calorie counting there are still several times a week that I measure out my food so I know exactly how many calories I'm eating. If you have the money invest in a good scale for measuring and weighing your food. I don't have a scale but I know there's been several times I wished for one (knowing it would come in handy - I mean how does one measure meatloaf with a measuring cup?!?).

Today's Foodie Tip:
One of my favorite late night snacks is an array of veggies (I like cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper, onion) and a serving of cheese. I can take a paper plate and fill it with tons of cut up raw veggies and a cheese stick and still have way less than 150 calories. It takes away the hunger pangs and I don't feel guilty eating super late.

Today's Exercise Tip:
If you are like me, and are losing weight you will begin to notice some floppy skin. Mine is on my upper arms. I'm using push ups as one of the ways to try to tighten and tone that area. However, I still cannot do a proper push up. So if you can't either I suggest doing them either on your knees or in a standing position using a wall or door as your "floor".

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