Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 7 of 30

Today's Tip:
Cut out all unnecessary and empty calories. I'm talking about pop and I'm talking about those coffee drinks. They are chocked full of empty, useless calories. And I've found that on the strict calorie intake I'm on I would much rather be eating my calories vs. drinking them in sugary drinks. For example if you drink one can of Coke every day you are consuming 140 calories extra. If you cut out just that one can of Coke and change nothing else with your diet (assuming you are eating the exact amount of calories you need to maintain your weight) you will lose about one pound every 25 days. That's more than 14 pounds a year.

Today's Foodie Tip:
If you are a choco-holic and have to have some on a regular basis I suggest getting a bag of Hershey's kisses. I also love my chocolate. But if you eat just one Hershey's kiss that's only 20 calories. And I've found just eating one or two can totally satisfy my craving without totally wrecking my calories for the day. Also, try dark chocolate. It has a lot of antioxidants not found in milk chocolate (so technically it's better for you).

Today's Exercise Tip:
Don't work your body too hard everyday. I'm going to assume that none of us here are training for an Iron Man competition. It's good to have at LEAST one day off a week from your workouts. It gives your body a chance to rest and regroup. I would say the same for the calorie counting. I wouldn't go over your maintenance calories but especially if your body is getting a huge calorie deficit on a regular basis it's good to eat up to your maintenance calories every once in a while. It reminds your body that you are indeed not starving.

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