Monday, September 19, 2011

New 'Goal' Outift (9/19/11)

This is the new goal outfit. These are size 10 jeans and a size medium t-shirt.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weigh-In (9/18/11)

My last weigh-in was on 8/18/11 so all stats will be in comparison to that day.

  • 0 lbs lost (for a total loss of 52 lbs)

Inches Lost: 4 inches (since 8/18)

  • Chest - 1/2 inch lost

  • Hips - 1 inch lost

  • Waist - 1/2 inch lost

  • Thighs - 2 inches lost (1 inch from each thigh)
Onto the pics. The top pic is from 4/20/11 (the start of this 'goal' outfit). The middle pic is from 8/18/11 (last official weigh-in). The bottom pic is from today 9/18/11.

So, I'm going to count this outfit as officially fitting. I will go to the thrift store and look for another 'goal' outfit tomorrow. I will then post pics of it sometime tomorrow and then will begin to use the new outfit for comparison shots.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Explanation of Sorts

First, let me apologize for starting my workout tips challenge and not being able to finish it. Life got crazier than expected and when it came down to trying to free up more time for Joseph it just had to go. Maybe one day I can revisit that and complete it but it definitely won't be happening anytime in the near future.

Most of you know by now my husband is on orders. These orders have taken him away from home and made me a single mother once again.

I will admit that this absence (even though we are only 5 days in) has been the easiest thus far. Joseph and I slipped very easily into a normal routine and although we miss Daddy, we are keeping busy and that helps the time go by quickly.

I'd like to tell you all what is going on in our life, but to do that I would have to know. And I quite honestly don't. I'll tell you what I do know. My husband is on orders and will be on orders for quite some time. We are moving into a house this fall. And I'm still NOT pregnant (and any prospect of that happening will not be available for a little while).

The variables in the equation? It's basically centered around where my husband will be able to work. If he can work from the Detroit area we will be moving into a 3 bedroom house in Warren. If he has to work where he is posted right now (on the western side of the state) then we will move to a house in that area.

I am giving the apartment complex notice on the first of October and I'm hoping that by then we will have a little more clarity on the situation. I'm okay with either scenario. I just wish I knew what we were doing so I can make all the arrangements necessary to make our move/transition smooth.

God is definitely giving me a lesson in patience and trusting him. Not only with this move situation but also with the fact that we've been trying for over a year for a second child and have yet to conceive.

I'm still working on losing more weight. I guess that's the upside to not being pregnant every month. I've been stuck at a plateau for a while now. I am working very hard to break through it and continue on the path of losing more weight. When I start making some progress and dropping the weight again I will be sure to post an updated weigh-in.

In the meantime please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.