Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcoming in 2012

So, I figured I better write this today because I'm sure tomorrow will be hectic and I'm not sure if I'd find the time to do this.

I think it's important to be reflective as 2012 approaches. I think looking back on the year that is just about to pass is good for our minds and souls. It allows us to see the good, the bad, the areas we've grown, and the areas we still need to grow in. It helps us to set new goals and find different areas of growth to strive for in the upcoming year.

Yes, 2011 brought hardships for us (and many of you I'm sure). We saw Jeremiah gone nearly 1/2 of the year. We saw many financial hardships and set backs. And let's all not forget my nearly month stay in the hospital with complications to a biliary obstruction and then subsequent pancreatitis.

But, 2011 had good things too. We were blessed to have health insurance during my illness. The long absences were able to cushion our bank account somewhat, so that when the hours for Jeremiah were scarce we were still able to make things work.

Jeremiah has been given the opportunity to do some interesting training, and also set some of his training into motion. Jeremiah is currently in a temporary position (through February) and he is enjoying his job very much. We're hoping that 2012 will bring an extension or some permanence to that position.

I've been able to continue and maintain my lifestyle changes for over 18 months now. So that means 2011 is the first complete year of my changes since beginning this process. I'm proud to say that I've lost lots of weight and inches in 2011. And I know those lifestyle changes have helped me to feel better inside and out. I look forward to continuing the lifestyle changes I've made in 2012. I look forward to continuing to eat well and exercising somewhat regularly. I'm not sure how much weight loss is on the table for me in 2012, but the most important thing is maintaining those healthy changes I've made for myself, and hopefully finding new ways to be healthy is 2012.

Joseph is becoming such an interesting and loving child. In 2011 we will leave behind the last bits of "Baby" Joseph. He made great milestones like potty training, doing school like work with me, and becoming a big helper that has chores. He is a bright, inquisitive, funny, loving little boy and we are looking forward to seeing more of his personality bloom in 2012.

We were also able to move into our first house in 2011 and that is so very exciting for us. Having a house means Joseph has a yard to play in and that our family has more room to be comfortable. We are thrilled to have place for all of our possessions, to not be living in such close proximity with neighbors, and to have our own washer and dryer.

Yes, 2011 was a tough year. But, doesn't each year bring it's own hardships and problems? Yes, 2011 was hard, but we were still blessed and provided through it by a great Lord.

We are looking forward to all of the blessings and joys that 2012 will bring. May all of you have a happy and blessed 2012.

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