Monday, March 19, 2012

Doctor's Appointment! (16w2d)

Had a great OB appointment today!

My BP was 118/82, which is perfect! That means the BP meds are doing their job. It also means I can go a month before seeing the OB again instead of every two weeks.

The baby's heartrate was in the 150's. The nurse said due to that she thought it was a boy. Speaking of sex, we will find out the gender on April 9th. Just three weeks left to go until we know!

Joseph got to hear the baby's heartbeat today, and he also heard the baby kick while they were checking the heartrate. He was very excited to hear the baby.

I'm glad that the medicine is working. The BP meds didn't affect my BP when I was pregnant with Joseph. This gives me hope that I will be able to deliver naturally, full term, without any induction. I know I still have a while until we get to that point, but I feel more hopeful.

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  1. Praise God things look good! I'll continue to pray for a healthy, full-term pregnancy and thank Him for the good news today!