Monday, April 2, 2012


Here's the baby's growth info for this week:

Have you ever seen a mango dipped in cheese? Well, that's what your baby looks like this week due to a little growth spurt (she's about a half pound in weight and six inches long) and a substance called vernix caseosa. This greasy white stuff covers your baby's skin, protecting it from the surrounding amniotic fluid. (Without it, she'd look totally wrinkled as she entered the world.) The vernix sheds as delivery approaches, though some babies still sport a bit of the coating at birth.

Here we are nearly 1/2 way to full term. That is truly my goal. I was only allowed to go to 36 weeks with Joseph and I would LOVE to go to fullterm with this baby. Hell, I'd love to be able to have this baby naturally without any sort of induction. But, for right now I'll shoot for 37 weeks.

We will be finding out the gender of our little Sunshine one week from today. I'm excited, and I'm ready. I have so many ideas for either gender's nursery and I just would like to get started on it.

I've been feeling okay. This last week was hard because I was on an antibiotic again, but I finished it today. So, hopefully this week will be much better.

I have been having an enormous amount of round ligament pains though. I know my body is working hard at making sure the baby has enough room to grow and thrive. Other than that there really isn't too much to mention. I've been really irritable but I think most of that is based on how terrible the antibiotic makes me feel.

These pics were taken yesterday at 18w1d.

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