Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doctor's Appt. (20w5d)

Today was my normally scheduled OB appointment.
My BP was great (116/78). Milica's heart rate was in the 150's again. She is measuring right on schedule and doing fabulous.
I have another UTI though. So, I had to start another round of zombie pills today. I hate being on the zombie pills for obvious reasons.
There was also an issue with the anatomy scan. Apparently my placenta is partially covering my cervix. The OB said there is a chance with the baby moving that things can shift, but there is no guarantee. She also explained she had this same problem and hers did NOT shift. So, she would like me to be to be prepared for the probability of a c-section.
I'm not as heartbroken about the prospect as I thought I would be. Having a planned c-section will allow a little more control over the situation. We will have another scan in 6 weeks and depending upon the outcome of that scan we will find out if things have shifted or if we will absolutely need a c-section.
I am doing so well I do not have to see her for another month. At that appointment I will do my gestational diabetes test.
She also told me that at 32 weeks she will start sending me for NSTs (non-stress tests) and fluid level checks on a weekly basis. I had NSTs starting at 30 weeks with Joseph, so this isn't new territory.
Continuing thoughts and prayers for Milica and I would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that if I continue to do this well I will be allowed to go later than 37 weeks.

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