Monday, May 14, 2012


Here is Milica's growth info for this week:

Your baby is growing by leaps and bounds, reaching nine inches in length and passing the pound and a half mark. Under her skin, capillaries are forming and filling with blood and by week's end, air sacs (also lined with capillaries) will develop in her lungs, getting them ready for that first breath. Mind you, those lungs aren't ready for prime time just yet — but they are developing surfactant, a substance that will help them expand after birth. And speaking of breathing, your baby's tiny nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, are starting to open, and her vocal chords are getting ready to roar.

Part of me can hardly believe that I'm already 24 weeks in, and the other part of me thinks, "ONLY 24 weeks?"

Milica, in the same respect as Joseph, was planned for, prayed for, hoped for, and waited impatiently for. If you followed my other blog at all you have an idea just how long we tried for both of our children. That being said, although she was very much planned for, and is very much wanted, pregnancy is something that I just don't enjoy like some other women. It's not even the labor or delivery part that has me saying that. It's the complete loss of control over my body. I don't glow, I sweat. And in my opinion I either look like a house or a cow. I'm sore, uncomfortable, crabbier than normal, and just feeling not at all like a normal person anymore. I wish I could fast forward through this uncomfortable part and get to the poop, puke, up all night part of having a newborn.

The only part of pregnancy that I actually enjoy is having baby girl all to myself and feeling her move, stretch, tumble, and bounce around within me.

My body has a goal this pregnancy and that is to develop and have every pregnancy symptom in the book at least once.

This week brought nosebleeds and most recently itchy hands. It's the weirdest sensation to have your palms and fingers feel itchy. I've began to have consistent RLS in the evening. I had it with Joseph though, so I expected this one.

This week I also felt at different times like she was splitting my pelvis in too. She is low and likes being there. And I think she has no plans to move up. I hope this will make labor easier this time (that is of course if I get to deliver vaginally).

I'm exhausted, always. I do little things around the house and I feel like I jogged 5 miles. I know the fatigue will only get worse, and I guess I will take the exhaustion over morning sickness. So, I really shouldn't complain.

My dreams have been weird and vivid all throughout my pregnancy. They are getting more realistic and scary at times and I'm beginning to wonder what disrupts my sleep more; the bad dreams or the need to constantly pee.

I did have a good dream last night though. I dreamt of her. I actually saw her in my dreams and held her. She was small like Joseph when he was born. She was beautiful and looked a lot like Joseph did at birth. The only difference was that she had a lot of black hair. I can't wait to see how she really looks. In my dream I delivered her at 34 weeks. I really hope she decides to "bake" longer than that.

I've been reading up on nursing. I really want to have a successful time with breastfeeding this time. I'm going to do everything humanly possible to make that a reality.

This week is my gestational diabetes test. I really hope it goes well. I do not want to add another complication to the mix.

The pics are from today, 24w2d.

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