Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Milica's growth info for this week:

Your baby now weighs about 3 lbs (1400g), measures about 10.8 (27cm) inches from crown to rump and measures about 17 inches (38cm) from head to toe. Your baby is probably aware of your Braxton Hicks contractions, which you experience regularly, even when you do not notice them. By this time, your baby is very active and you feel its movements frequently. Your baby is still practicing breathing movements which have now become rhythmic.Sometimes your baby gets the hiccups when she accidentally swallows amniotic fluid the wrong way. She is getting fatter and plumper. On an ultrasound, you can see your baby's activities quite easily. Your baby has periods of rest and periods of activity now. Your baby is probably most active when you are trying to rest.

I've been on the newly increased dosage of BP meds for nearly a week now. They make me feel off. I'm depressed and have a lot of nervousness with them. I'm hoping that it will level out and I'll start to feel like normal. Otherwise I'll have to ask to be switched back to the old BP med.

I've been having a lot of contractions this week. Whether you want to call them Braxton Hicks or real ones, I don't care. Some of them have been extremely painful.

Not too much going on other than the normal fatigue and exhaustion I've been experiencing. She spends a lot of time in my ribs and that makes activity and eating somewhat uncomfortable (to say the least).

I can't believe I'm already 6 weeks and 2 days away from where I was (gestastionally) induced with Joseph. I just hope this baby girl gets to "bake" until 37 weeks.

I'll update after my OB appt. tomorrow.
These photos were taken at 29w2d.

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