Friday, June 22, 2012

OB Appt! (from yesterday at 29w5d)

Yesterday was my OB appt. My BP was 110/64. I don't know how accurate it was though. I had just come from the cardiologist and my BP was much higher there. There's been an issue with having my BP taking manually since upping the BP meds. Apparently the Procardia (BP med) makes my BP very faint to hear when checking it. Therefore, I do not neccessarily trust this perfect BP reading.

Nevertheless, the OB was happy. I told her I wouldn't be able to stay on the Procardia if I need the dosage upped again. If that becomes necessary I will have to switch back to the one I was previously on. The higher dosage of the Procardia has given me mood changes. Yes, I know I'm nearly 8 months pregnant and mood changes are part of the package, but this is different. I'll be so glad to be off this stuff in hopefully two months or so from now.

Milica is doing well. Her heart-rate was in the 140's and I measured at exactly 30 weeks.

The OB would like to see me again in another week. I'm not sure if it's to check that my BP is still stable or because she's concerned about the passing out. I have decided not to take the seizure medication the neurologist wants me on, because I really feel that my passing out is eitther BP or pregnancy related. The syncope is only happening when I'm bending down. No one has seen me having a seizure and we have no diagnostic evidence that shows seizure activity. I will be having some testing next weekend and in July for my brain, and I expect that to all come back normal.

My placenta has also moved and that means that my placenta will not prevent me from delivering vaginally. I hope nothing else presents itself that would make a vaginal delivery impossible.

We will also be starting weekly NSTs in 2 weeks.

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