Friday, June 15, 2012

OB Appt! (Yesterday, 28w5d)

Yesterday was our 28 week check-up.

Unfortunately, my BP is not as stable as it once was. My BP meds got switched after some passing out last week. The new med I'm on isn't doing as good of a job maintaining the pressure as the old one. The OB went ahead and doubled the dose I was on. I hope this does the trick. I can apparently go one dose higher with this new med, but I'd like to not do that. My BP was 140/90 yesterday at the OB office and also 140/90 the day before at my PCP.

So, I've been on the new dose for one day and I had another specialist appointment today. My BP was 118/90. So, it looks like maybe it's starting to work, at least on the top number. But, the bottom number is the one of bigger concern.

I just hope and pray my body can get its act together for another 8 weeks so we can get to full-term.

Milica was doing well. Her heart-rate was in the 140's. I was measuring right on schedule for 28 weeks.

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