Saturday, July 14, 2012


Milica's growth info for this week:

Your baby weighs almost 5 lbs (2250 g) and is 12.8 inches (32cm) from crown to rump and about 19.8 inches (44cm) long. If your baby were born now, she would be considered "pre-term" rather than premature. This distinction is based on fetal maturity, particularly the maturity of the fetal lungs. A pre-term baby, unlike a premature baby, is likely to have well-developed lungs and is less likely to need intensive care. Your baby is surrounded by a red glow when sunlight shines on your belly and may be aware of this as she is able to differentiate between light and dark. Your baby's hair is getting thicker, though it may be a different color when she is older. She is currently shedding her lanugo, the fine downy hair that previously covered her body. More vernix, the waxy coating that protects your baby's skin while submerged in amniotic fluid, is building up. Your baby's adrenal glands are producing more steroid hormone, the androgen-like hormone that indirectly aids your milk production. Your baby is currently producing ten times more of this hormone than a normal adult and the adrenal glands are currently the same size as those of an adolescent. They will shrink after birth. Your baby is laying down bone. To do this, she will draw calcium from you. Your baby has taste buds and it has been suggested that she can taste and develop tastes for flavors found in the amniotic fluid, particularly flavors that you eat on a regular basis.

Here's my alarming numbers for this week. It still astounds me that we are getting so close to meeting our daughter. Firstly, if we were to have Milica at the same gestational age as Joseph, she would be here in 3 weeks! Three weeks?!? We only have approximately 16% left to go. We are 48 days away from the EDD. And we are 27 days away from full-term.

My cramping is feeling much better since starting the antibiotics. I only have a couple days left (thankfully) of them.

I'm noticing a little more swelling in my ankles if I spend too much time in the heat. Other than that the swelling isn't too bad. I keep reminding myself that I went on bedrest with Joseph at 30 weeks. So, the fact that I'm not on bedrest must mean that I'm doing better. With Joseph I was very, very swollen. The swelling this pregnancy seems to come and go and is usually caused from me not drinking enough water, pushing myself too hard, or being in the heat for too long.

I'm tired. But, I'm not sleeping well. Falling asleep is becoming a huge chore. It's gotten so difficult to fall asleep lately that I actually start having some major anxiety before I lay down. I'm exhausted and I just want to sleep, but my body just won't cooperate.

I have to sometimes force myself to eat. I just have no appetite at times. But if I don't eat I start feeling sick and very cranky.

It's been days since I've felt any contractions. Which leads me to believe that I was contracting due to the double infection I had.

Our next OB appt. is on Monday. I should be starting weekly NSTs this week. I'm not looking forward to the extra appointments, but I am looking forward to the extra reassurance that she's still doing well.

The pics were taken today at 33w0d.

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  1. You poor kid! It has been years since I could not sleep and could not eat. It turned out to be a major nervous breakdown. Please tell your doctor about it. Lucky for me there were meds I could take for a short time. Don't know what is available for a PG mommy. Hang in there, kiddo.