Saturday, July 21, 2012


Milica's growth info for this week:

Your baby now measures about 20.25 inches (45cm) in total length and weighs around 5.5 lbs (2550g). Crown to rump measurement is about 13.2 inches (33cm). She continues to grow and fatten up, especially in the shoulder area, and kicks regularly. The fine lanugo hair that covered your baby is shedding, though some may still be present when your baby is born. Your baby's eyes are blue, though this may change soon after birth or much later after birth. Your baby's fingernails are growing. They already reach the tips of her fingers and they may even look quite long and pointy by the time she is born. Your baby may even have some scratch marks from scratching her face with her fingernails. Your baby is probably feeling quite cramped right now and her movements are restricted by her growing size.

Here we are. More than 1/2 through the last trimester. If I deliver Milica at the same gestational age I delivered her brother she could be here in 14 days!! We are 20 days away from full-term and 41 days away from her EDD.

I'm still experiencing a lot of preggo insomnia. Most nights it hits pretty hard and I'm lucky to get a few hours of broken rest. Every once in a while (like last night) I sleep like a rock and wake up in the exact position I fell asleep in. I prefer those nights over the insomniac ones.

Today I also woke up with a lot of congestion and sinus discomfort. I remember something similar to this in the first trimester when my body was making excess amounts of mucous. I'm hoping it's something like that or maybe just allergies. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. I'm going to try and take it easy today and maybe tomorrow and make sure this isn't developing into a cold. I really don't want to have to deal with a summer cold at this stage of the game.

Milica must be getting pretty heavy because I'm noticing a lot more pressure in my hips and low back. It's difficult to walk at times depending how she's settled in if I've been laying down or sitting for a while. I'm noticing a return of heartburn as well.

The hormones must be increasing again because my acne has gotten pretty bad. I've also noticed my BBs are extremely puffy and tender.

I feel okay other than feeling big and worn out. I'm trying my best to not exert myself physically and take it as easy as being home alone with a nearly 4 year old will allow.

I have an NST on Monday and then an OB appt. on Thursday. Unless something is significantly wrong at the NST I probably will just wait until after the OB appt. to do a blog update. Unless the doctor feels things are taking a turn we should be leaving for vacation soon. A vacation that I plan on doing nothing but laying by the pool, on the beach, or napping. I think it will be perfect relaxation before Milica's debut.

And speaking about her debut. I'm getting a little more nervous as the big D day approaches. As many of you know, I had a 33 hour induction with Joseph because of the PIH and pre-e. I really hope this labor goes smoother for both her and I. It would be nice to not need an induction. So far my body seems to be handling the PIH like a champ, so I'm hoping we can shoot for labor beginning naturally. But, I will of course do whatever is best for my little girl. I'm nervous about her size too. She's been pretty big on the growth side of things for the ultrasound. Joseph was only 6lb. 1oz. I think his sister will far surpass that. But regardless of how long or hard labor will be, I can't wait to meet this little girl, have her Daddy meet her, and introduce her to her big brother.

The pictures were taken today at 34w0d.

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