Monday, July 16, 2012

Doctor's Appt. (33w2d)

Today was my 33 week check up.

My BP was a little elevated. I had it taken on 3 different occasions and all 3 times it was a little high. The average was about 130/90. This could just be an off day for me or it could signal a worsening of the PIH or the beginning of pre-e.

I am measuring a little ahead at 34 weeks. Milica's heart-rate was in the 140's and she is still in the head down position.

I started weekly NSTs and AFIs today. So, although I do not need to see the OB again until nearly 35 weeks, I will be at L&D once a week having Milica's progress monitored. The NST went well and Milica showed great variability. The OB resident said she was a very cooperative baby and showed them everything they like to see during the monitoring. The fluid level was a 12. According to the resident they are pleased with anything over a 5.

The OB is a little nervous about me traveling so late in my pregnancy. I've had a lot of complications thus far and she's worried about something happening and not being near home or beinf able to get adequate medical care for myself or Milica. We had planned our family vacation during my 35th week of pregnancy and although I cleared it with the OB months ago, a lot of pregnancy related issues have arisen since then. I did tell her that if during any of the monitoring before I leave if there is an indication that something is going wrong (or worse) or Milica isn't doing well that I would not be traveling. I see the OB two days before we leave. But, now I'm more nervous about traveling than I was before. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my daughter's well being.

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