Thursday, July 26, 2012

NST (34w2d) and OB Appt. (34w5d)


The NST went well. Milica is looking great on the monitoring. Her heart is doing everything it should be doing. She is looking perfect.

My BP was 115/72, which is fabulous!

My fluid was a 10.7. Remember, anything over a 5 is considered good. It is a little lower than last week but the OB attending said that could be from how she is positioned. Depending on how she positions herself the fluid gets dispersed a little differently each time.

I was having several contractions on the monitor. Over the course of about 2 hours I had about 8-10 contractions. Most of them were completely painless. I could feel my belly hardening and uterus tightening but other than very mild discomfort they were nothing. It's normal at this stage in the game for my body to be "practicing" and preparing itself for labor and delivery. So, the contractions are really nothing to be concerned about. In fact they make me excited. Hopefully my body will begin labor before an induction would be necessary. I would just like to get her to full-term so we don't have to do the NICU thing again and so she can come home with me. I also think Joseph's time in the NICU impeded our nursing relationship and I'm hoping she is prepared for the outside world when she's born so that we can establish a strong nursing relationship immediately after her birth.

I will have a NST before leaving for our vacation on Saturday. I will include that NST update in with my 35 week post.

OB Appt.:

The OB appt. went well.

My BP was 124/80. I am measuring at 35 weeks.

Milica is doing great. Her heart-rate was in the 150's.

I asked the OB about the excessive hiccups she's been having (sometime she gets them 8-10 times a day). She said it was nothing to worry about. I figured it probably wasn't, but I wanted to make sure.

I lost a pound since my last OB appt.

I do not have to see the OB again for two weeks. I will be further along gestationally than I ever got in my pregnancy with Joseph. That is very exciting for me. I've wanted so much to get her closer to full-term than I was with Joseph. After that next appt. we will start going to weekly visits.

Something showed up in the urine and I might have another UTI. They're sending it out for cultures. I sure hope that I don't have another infection.

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